Compared with the film itself the name of a Michael Bay who sit as a director with a production house plantinum Dunes was probably more a loud buzzing in the ears of moviegoers the world. But the producer was clearly different from the director, so better you throw away if Project Almanac homemade debutant director Dean Israelite will offer typical Bay templates noisy it.

Without the frenzied explosion and parade slowmotion not mean to make Project Almanac lose its charm. See, he has weapons powerful enough, especially when the Israelites tried to present a scientific fiski clad adventure travel time from manuscript arable duo Jason Harry Pagan and Andrew Deutschman that can be fairly successfully to offering a freshness in this sub-genre of old including the use of faux format found -footage mockumentary aka aka fake documentary that presents an experience the sensation of watching 'live' which can sometimes alcoholic.

The focus of the story itself is in the character of David Raskin (Jonny Weston), teenage genius MIT prospective new residents who one day amid difficulty making new science projects get 'windfall' when accidentally discovered his father's old video camera that led to the discovery of a draft blueprint a time machine. Together with his friend, Quinn Goldberg (Sam Lerner), Adam (Allen Evangelista), his idol; Jessie (Sofia Black D'Elia) and sister at the same cameraman, Christina (Virginia Gardner), David tried to carry on his father's back ambitious project, of course, with all the major consequences that will have to face.

The combination of sci-fi mokumentari with full of energy and adrenaline injection of young children gen-Y, then not difficult to reconcile pesos it spent with what ever made Josh Tank in-Chronicle hers. Both offer treats science fiction of potential debutant director casting it dominated the ranks of young actors and actresses. Project Almanac does not offer such a superhero premise Chronicle, but the stories of human endeavor into God when playing around with time can also be spelled as popular and obvious allure hard to resist. Honestly, though set in the era of today's digital world, narrative offered Almanac Project has actually been classified as obsolete, nothing really = completely new including documentary-style presentation. The premise've ever seen in dozens of similarly themed films. In this case, there are a bunch of smart young kids who like excess energy. find and make a time machine which is then used to have fun the way it should be done the teenagers, from a chemical cheating in exams, work on a friend who you hate, win big in the lottery to attend the event at Chicago's Lollapalooza.

Yes, the plot is generic, but all the fun time travel with a cast of young adrenaline plus excessive use of special effects poured well managed by the Israelites. We can see how the liquid susana joint force her chemistry successfully built with serious but relaxed since the beginning of the film. I love how the interaction between character Israelite let flow with his time travel plot that can be considered 'dijinakan' in such a way, like a massive downgrade version of the Primary, a fellow colleague of his time travel was super meticulous. So although it still involves all the theories about the passage of time with all the rules and conflicts of paradoxical effects, Project Almanac never made himself a complicated film, otherwise Israelites gave him a bit of friendship and romance elements capable sweet coupled with the main plot. Unfortunately the quality of the narrative is too 'light' lead sloppy, led spawned many gaping holes here and there that are not directly as already patronizing the audience's intelligence when the Israelites chose to leave important details, especially when the main conflict comes, yes, of course only then will invite questions. "Megapa is that?", "Why can this"