WILD CARD (2015)

WILD CARD (2015)

Surely the die hard fans of Jason Statham is the kind of know myself. When should come all the way to the movies they never expect a quality script and acting classes Oscar class every watch latest movie hero. The only thing they care about is hopefully there will be more action and action complete with fist raw cool. Yes, Wild Card, which is also an adaptation of his novel Heat William Goldman who've also had made the film for Burt Reynolds in 1986 and have never been far from the dish Statham-esque, action thriller which has the motto "a little talk much mengebug". Wild Card also marks the third collaboration between Statham and director Simon West after the Menchanic and The Expendables 2.

So what still needs me tulisakan synopsis? Well, a little. Statham is Nick WIld, bodyguard rented a quiet life under the protection of the most feared criminal kingpin in Las Vegas, Baby (Stanley Tucci). Until one day he was forced to do over the limit when the rules have to defend the honor of his friend, Holly (Dominik Garcia-Lorido) a prostitute who previously received cruel treatment of one of the stooges town, Danny DeMarco (Milo Ventimiglia).

To be honest I am a little confused as to what the West wants to be told here. There are many in fact that can be focused on the main plot of the character Nick Wild itself I made seem mysterious without revealing who the real identity. Audience only shown glimpses of the past with images Corsica quiet sea without explanation. Then over time appear one by one character who ask for help Nick, than just help her romance women dream, Holly avenge the PSK to teach courage to Cyrus Kinnick, young miliyuner perlidungannya requesting services.

  The screenwriter William Goldman could have been digging deeper into the dark side of a Nick Wild why he got involved with the dark world of Las Vegas or if you want more Godlman could also exploit gambling addiction Nick complete with all the ups and downs behind the glitter of the sin city, but certainly just all that is felt not too necessary, anyway Godlman also know yourself, this Statham movie, to hell with the narrative, make it as simple as possible without considering the bond character, at least he looks still have a story and of course the motive why the action hero must beat pirates -begundal messengers DeMarco with deadly martial arts skills that only with a spoon, knife and a little bread slowmotion effects to add to the dramatization of the action.

For a film that contains the word "Wild" in it, the Wild Card was not until the wild, in fact you could say he is one of Statham action film that 'tame' the action sequences which although pretty bad-ass but could count fingers of one hand. And for a movie that mengandun word "Card" in it, the Wild Card despite failing to present a deep gambling world, at least I still enjoy how a Jason Statham playing black jack with cool style. Hit me, love!